About Nomatik

A story of authentic transformation

Nomatik is the latest venture from Conjunctured Coworking.

Conjunctured was the first coworking space in Austin, Texas, opening in 2008.  

Winner-Unlimited-Human-PotentialIn late summer 2014, Conjunctured went Nomatik.  
Nomatik is our effort to extend the coworking experience beyond the walls of a single coworking space.  We believe that the working experience on offer in coworking spaces is the future of work, and that companies around the world will greatly benefit by adopting the flow, design, and culture of the coworking movement. We also want to create more opportunities for freelancers to embrace coworking, and for freelancers and companies to connect with each other for their mutual benefit. Through our Fifth Age of Work programs, workshops, and tools, based on the teachings in the book, The Fifth Age of Work (authored by Nomatik co-founder, Drew Jones), we help coworking space owners connect with companies in their cities in order to introduce coworking, design its implementation, and measure its impacts.    A central part of the coworking/corporate mashup is the opportunity for individual members of participating coworking spaces to find gigs and projects that support them in their work as freelancers and small businesses. Our corporate coworking program is our version of Activity Based Work (ABW), an increasingly popular form of open-design working in Europe and Australia.  Like coworking, the people in ABW have a laptop and a locker (but no office), and work in one of a variety of spaces offered to them.  Such spaces engender open communication, greater collaboration and innovation, and increased employee engagement and productivity.

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Our collection of offerings

The Fifth Age Program

corporate-coworking-blockWe have designed a full ABW/CC program- The Fifth Age Program- complete with a comprehensive methodology, assessments, tools, and KPI’s to help companies measure the impact of transitioning to a new way of work. The program is centered around the three broad themes that drive innovation in companies- talent, space, and creative license. Fifth Age Program Pitchdeck

Pop-Up Coworking

pop-up-coworking-blockA community coworking initiative where private businesses open their corporate campuses for local coworking communities. Pop-Up Coworking Pitchdeck

Hotel Coworking

hotel-coworking-blockIncorporate the energy and buzz of coworking into the hotel experience. Hotel Coworking Pitchdeck


Our signature Fifth Age Workshop is our introductory workshop.

Here we explain what Activity Based Working is, how it can transform your company culture, and how it can be implemented and its impact measured. We walk companies or licensees through the theory and methodology of ABW, and qualify and license participants to work with the Fifth Age tools. Like the Fifth Age Program, these are delivered either directly to the company, or to third party groups interested in using them in their own practice.

Join the Movement

Find a membership that's right for you or your organization.

Coworking Membership

  • $25 /mo
  • Access to member-organized Jelly calendar
  • Inclusion in pop-up coworking in your city (Indie+Corporate Mashup)
  • Access to gig board
  • Access to Serendipity Machine
  • Ideal for nomadic workers of all types
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Venue Partner Membership

  • $799 /yr
  • Host a week of pop-up coworking at your company campus
  • Experience the open collaboration of coworking
  • Focus Groups
  • Hackathons
  • Talent Match-up
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Employee Coworking Membership

  • Blocks /mo
  • Encourage your employees to cowork in the community to increase innovation.
  • Access to member-organized Jelly calendar
  • Inclusion in onsite hosted coworking weeks a in your city
  • Five & Ten person blocks
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Coworking Space Owner

  • $100 /mo
  • Licensee Membership for Corporate Coworking
  • Access to Fifth Age of Work IP in order to spread coworking in your city to large organizations
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Additional Memberships

Philanthropy Membership

  • $5+ /mo
  • If you're as passionate about creating a more human-centered world of work as we are, we'd be grateful for your support. Consider our different levels of philanthropy.
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Corporate Sponsorship Program

  • ? /yr
  • Are you interested in helping to define the future of work? Contact us, to see how you can sponsor a Nomatik initiative.
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Civic Membership

  • $150 /mo
  • Leverage coworking to boost entrepreneurship and economic development in your city.
  • Access to research and insight on freelance and entrepreneurship trends
  • Access to Nomatik design services and Community Management Model
  • Includes Ten Memberships
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If you're interested in our Ambassador Program, contact us to see how you can earn income as you grow the coworking movement wherever you live.

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