About Nomatik

Nomatik is the latest venture from Conjunctured Coworking.

Conjunctured was the first coworking space in Austin, Texas, opening in 2008.  

Winner-Unlimited-Human-PotentialIn late summer 2014, Conjunctured went Nomatik.  
Nomatik is our effort to extend the coworking experience beyond the walls of a single coworking space.  We believe that the working experience on offer in coworking spaces is the future of work, and that every workspace around the world will greatly benefit by adopting the flow, design, and culture of the coworking movement. We also want to create more opportunities for freelancers to embrace coworking, and for freelancers and companies to connect with each other for their mutual benefit.  Nomatik is an experiment that unlocks a model for Open Source Coworking. We're excited to launch Phase One this October, 2014 in Austin and NYC.  

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Coworking is about Co-Presence. Join us at one of our events so we can see each other in the real world!


We’re taking coworking on the road...

We’re taking the coworking community on tour to Nomatik Hotspots around town. Join us to experience our new city-wide coworking initiative! Want to find details about the next "workup" around town? Where's the happy hour after the work day? Our Work/Social Calendar is live and currently being populated with Nomatik WorkUps.

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