How it Works

The Gratitude Economy

Nomatik is a coworking platform for digital nomads.

Nearly 40% of workers in America, and a growing number worldwide, work independently, from project to project.  

Coworking- the experience- is central to the sharing economy and brings people together to work together, share resources with one another, support one another, and form communities together. We are part of the coworking community, and have been for many years. Nomatik extends the experience of coworking to people outside of coworking spaces and amplifies the experiences of those who’ve already discovered coworking.

Create a brief profile, download the app, and become a member- it’s free. Take it with you wherever you work. Whether you work in a coworking space or coffee shop, Nomatik’s location-based network will tell you which members in your city are where, what they are working on, when they might be headed to lunch, or drinks, etc. Find your work-tribe, wherever they are, and get on with your day. For example, signal to other nomads that you’ve just come off of a project and are looking for a new web design gig. Perhaps you just want to organize a pop-up coworking moment or ‘work sprint’ with fellow coffee shop nomads. Open Nomatik and see what happens. As Chris Messina famously said, coworking ‘accelerates serendipity.’ We want to facilitate as many encounters, chance encounters, and surprise opportunities as possible.

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Who We Are

First there was Conjunctured Coworking (b. 2008), Austin, Texas’ first coworking space. David Walker, John Eric Metcalf, Dusty Reagan, and Cesar Torres grew Austin’s first Jelly community into a standalone, thriving coworking community in East Austin.  Along the way, Thomas Heatherly made invaluable contributions to the community as well.  In late 2014, as the end of our lease approached, David and his new partner, Drew Jones, decided to forgo a single physical space in an effort to spread the vibe and values of coworking in new ways and directions. On one side of this coin is Nomatik, an emerging coworking platform for digital nomads, and on the other side of the coin is OpenWork Agency, a consultancy seeking to spread coworking to legacy organizations in need of cultural renewal. David is a serial entrepreneur and social and community activist. Drew is an anthropologist and business school professor. Together we are riding a wave of change created by the global coworking movement.

As of March 24, 2015 our crowdfunding campaign is live on IndieGoGo. Please join us in supporting a movement to create a better world of work for the indie workforce.